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no little town so big, innovative, international, openminded!

If Willy Wonka had been a Swiss investment banker, then his chocolate factory would have looked a lot like Zurich. Although not the country's capital, hot events like the annual techno-fueled Street Parade definitely make Heidi go hip-hop over Switzerland's own capital of cool. Ask yourself: Would Tina Turner live anywhere that wasn't? The postcard-perfect lake, the views of the alps, the giant clock, and the cobblestoned European architectural charm are just the beginning. A sporty nation can do little else then boast sporty cities that are well laid out for year-round visits on foot or bicycle. Opportunities to engage in goofy sports such as curling and zorbing abound, and for those of you just arriving from another planet, the nation is a good place to pursue skiing and snowboarding.

But there's more to this banking capital then its jewelry stores, banks, and money: culture aficionados can entertain themselves day and night with the city's wide array of museums, galleries, and theaters. Getting around takes energy, and the beer and melted cheese are available in abundance. And no visit to the world's chocolate capital is complete without a visit to Sprüngli, the city's chocolate mecca, for a freshly made oversized chocolate truffle.