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Viktualienmarkt 3


U-Bahn Marienplatz


+49 89 89068205

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The Viktualienmarkt was created at the beginning of the 19th century under the
Bavarian King Max I. Joseph, who moved the trading post for all produce from what is known as the Marienplatz today to the Heilig-Geist-Kirche (church of the holy spirit). The square quickly became the central point of sale for food, which was called “Viktualien” at the time.
The numerous stalls within the Schrannen market hall are used mainly by the fruit growers. The Nymphenburg Palace Café is also located here, one of the most popular coffee houses in Munich. Most city guides also recommend the fruit market, the first division of the Viktualienmarkt, and from there you reach the cheese and game stands. In the midst of the fourth division is the world famous maypole, around which a rustic beer garden extends with up to 1,000 seats. The butchers, Café Rischart and Munich's only specialty comb shop are located in a brick building designed by Arnold Zenetti in 1880, the so-called Petersbergl.
The foods that you can buy in Munich's Viktualienmarkt all come from the region and are grown on the surrounding farms. This ensures a high quality and freshness. Festivities such as the beginning of Carnival, the opening of asparagus season and the summer festival, with special offers and music, take place regularly at the Viktualienmarkt.