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Opening hours:

End of September / beginning of October




U-Bahn Theresienwiese


+49 89 23396500

Rates and features:




“Let it flow!” booms the tap master when he opens the first beer keg of Oktoberfest. This is followed by twelve firecrackers and then the biggest folk festival on earth can begin. More than six million visitors come every year to the Theresienwiese in the heart of Munich and try out the full-bodied beers brewed especially for the event with an otherwise unusual original gravity (wort) of 13.5%. These are traditionally served in the famous litre beer mugs, served by waitresses wearing Dirndls who can carry up to four glasses in each hand. The Dirndl is also a standard outfit for many Oktoberfest visitors. In addition, male visitors would do well to acquire genuine Bavarian Lederhosen for the festival.
Munich's Oktoberfest can look back on a very long tradition. The first Oktoberfest was held in Munich at the Theresienwiese in 1810 and has been held annually ever since. Originally the purpose was to drink the rest of the beer brewed in March before the new brewing season. More than two hundred years later, the Oktoberfest beers are specially brewed for the event. By 1910, the event had already served 12,000 hectolitres of beer. Since then this amount has increased sixfold. Along with the beer drinking, there are spectacular carnival rides and Ferris wheels as well as live concerts and dancing to lively music into the small hours.