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Heribert Pohl

Opening hours:

9:00-23:00 daily


Platzl 9


Bus stop Tal, U-Bahn Marienplatz




+49 89 29 01 36-1 00

Rates and features:




The Hofbräuhaus was established in 1589 as a ducal beer producer. In the following years it evolved from a simple brewery into one of the most significant beer restaurants in Munich. This rustic tavern was a vital source of revenue for the State of Bavaria during the Thirty Years War; a majority of government spending was funded with the proceeds of the Hofbräuhaus at that time. Quite naturally, the now time-honoured building had to be expanded, which happened several times over the centuries, and in the 19th century this led to the expansion of the cellar vault and the design of the neo-Renaissance facade.
Today, the Hofbräuhaus consists of a large beer hall, which almost every tourist in Munich visits. Up to 1,000 people can enjoy the brewhouse's own beers from giant mugs here. In the upstairs level there is a grand ballroom, a brew lounge, the bay window room and the coat of arms hall. In addition, the lion fountain in the courtyard and its surrounding beer garden is worth a visit in the summer. Comfortable tables and seating have been created for regular guests, which you can use if the regulars are not present. Take advantage of the opportunity and experience authentic Bavarian folk culture in the Hofbräuhaus during music and live events. Highlights of this type take place almost every day of the week.