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Abdulsalam Haykal

Opening hours:

daily 10:00-18:00


Tower Bridge Road, London SE1 2UP


Tower Hill underground station




+44 20 74033761

Rates and features:



Tower Bridge

Spanning the River Thames, Tower Bridge has connected London's north and south sides since 1894. The striking neo-Gothic architecture, which is comparable to that of the Houses of Parliament, is typical of the Victorian era.
Many visitors to London time their visit to the bridge to watch the opening and closing of the famous drawbridge, which makes room for tall ships. The bridge is 244 metres long and is capped by two 65-foot high towers. In addition to vehicles, pedestrians can also cross Tower Bridge to enjoy the views along the Thames.?Visitors can learn about the history of the building and admire historic photographs and blueprints in the Tower Bridge Gallery, located on the bridge's upper floor. They can also visit the Victorian-era engine room, from which the raising of the drawbridge is overseen. Temporary exhibitions on various city-related topics are held periodically in the upper galleries and walkway, with its panoramic views of the London skyline.