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Opening hours:

15 April-15 October: daily 09.00-19.00; 15 October-15 April: daily except Tuesday 09.00-17.00


Sultanahmet, Fatih


Tram Gülhane




+90 212 512 04 80

Rates and features:

25 TL (harem 15 TL)


Topkapi Sarayi

The construction of the huge Topkpai palace complex was begun shortly after the capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans in 1453. From 1478, the supreme rulers of the new Islamic empire resided here, on the site of the old Byzantine acropolis, between the Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara. Until 1856, Ottoman sultans undertook to leave their own architectural stamp on the palace.
The complex consists of four main courtyards. First, you pass through the Imperial Gate, which is covered in beautiful calligraphic inscriptions and stamped with the date 1478 -- when Sultan Mehmed II, who ordered the construction of the palace, resided here. After the first courtyard, where parades and receptions were held, you come to the political center of the palace -- the second courtyard, with its state buildings and palace kitchen, where up to 6,000 meals were prepared daily. Visitors then pass through the Gate of Felicity to the third courtyard, which was historically only open to viziers and important guests. The splendidly decorated harem is located here. For an extra fee you can enter these rooms -- once strictly forbidden to the public -- and get a glimpse at what life was like for the 2,000 women, some very politically influential, who resided at court.