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Gümüşsuyu Mh. Taksim Myd, 34250 Beyoğlu


Metro Taksim



Where once one of the main aqueducts of the Ottoman Empire ended lies Taksim, one of the largest squares in Europe. The area was already an important meeting place in the 19th century. Today, it is a regular venue for demonstrations as well as concerts and celebrations. After sunset during Ramadan, for example, Muslim societies play music and distribute food at the square. Taksim is a vital transportation hub, due to the connection over Tarlaba?i Avenue to Fatih and over Inönü to Besiktas. You can also take the second-oldest funicular in Europe, to reach Tünel Square, from here.
Taksim plays hosts to several important monuments. All travel guides will point you to the Monument of the Republic, which commemorates the founding of the modern Turkish state under Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1923. Just a few years after the founding of the republic, peaceful Gezi Park was created on the edge of the square, on the site of a former barracks for Janissaries, the elite infantry of the sultans’ army. At Taksim’s Ataturk Cultural Center you can catch an opera or ballet, while not far west of this building are the extensive shopping streets for which the Taksim area is most famous.