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Kozyata??, Saniye Ermutlu Sokak No: 3 34742 Kad?köy -


Sultanahmet tram




+90 212 458 07 76

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Sultan Ahmed Mosque

The impressive Blue Mosque dates from the 17th century. Its construction was ordered by Sultan Ahmed and was completed in 1617, one year before his death. The building was designed by Mehmet Aga, one of the most influential architects of the Ottoman Empire and a pupil of the legendary Sinan. The Blue Mosque was then, and remains today, the city’s main mosque, partly due to its enormous proportions, impressive domes, and six grand minarets. In typical 17th century Ottoman style, the mosque is overwhelmingly decorated in blue and green tiles with flower and plant motifs. Even from the outside, the building radiates blue, especially in the evening light.
From the visitors’ area inside you can look onto the 53 by 51 metre prayer hall, where attendees communicate their faith. The tiled walls and huge dome -- at least 13 metres high -- are breathtaking. Sunlight is provided by 260 decorative stained-glass windows, replicas of the 17th century originals. Outside, the expansive courtyard with its numerous arches is also noteworthy.