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Opening hours:

Saturday – Thursday 9 am-5 pm; Friday 3:30 pm-9 pm


Al Shindagha Rd.- D92


Al Ghubaiba 2 metro station


+971 4 393 7139

Tourist Attraction

Heritage and Diving Village

The complex informs visitors about the life and work of fishermen and pearl divers. Bedouin traditions are brought to life by merchants and potters. It was built in the old Arab district of Shindagha at the mouth of the Creek. This was the work of the ruling Maktoum dynasty, which didn't only want to present the modern Dubai with luxury hotels and shopping centres. Particular attention has been paid to an authentic ambience.
The small sand-coloured buildings have been equipped with traditional wind towers. In the old days, these protected the inhabitants from the red-hot desert winds. Many ethnographic exhibits bear witness to the history of the Bedouins. Heritage Village also includes numerous cafés and restaurants. Here you can enjoy the delicacies of Arab cuisine.
In the vicinity there is Diving Village, which provides information about the history of pearl diving. It was set up as an ethnographic open-air museum, which tells the story of the lives of the pearl divers with historical photographs and other exhibits. The art of pearl diving is clearly demonstrated in large tanks. The highlights of the complex are the traditional sailing ships, the dhows.