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Opening hours:

daily 9.30 am-1 pm and 4 pm-10 pm


Deira, Sikkat al-Khali Street


Busstation Deira Old Souk 1

Rates and features:

depends on weight and the daily gold price

Tourist Attraction

Gold Souk

There is a remarkable amount of gold jewellery on sale here. More than 300 shops are located in the Souk on the Baniyas Road in Deira. The traditional market is a worthwhile destination for all tourists who want to take home a piece of jewellery made of gold as a souvenir.
The price is based on the weight, not the design, of the jewellery. If you are interested in a ring or a chain, it is weighed by the vendor to determine the price. Haggling is obviously a part of this, it's fun and offers the opportunity to lower the price. Gold prices change on a daily basis in Dubai, and you should keep an eye on these. You don't need to worry about counterfeits at the Gold Souk, only pure gold is sold.
Simply walking around the souk is an experience in itself, because you will never see such quantities of gold anywhere else. The hustle and bustle begins right behind the gate, which features the inscription "Dubai City of Gold". Even if you don't want to buy anything, it's fun to wander and to marvel at the displays.