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Opening hours:

Saturday – Thursday, 8.30 am-8.30 pm; Friday 4 pm-9 pm


Opp. Grand Mosque, Al Fahidi St


Busstation Faheidi, Roundabout 1




+971 4 3531862

Rates and features:

ca. 70 Euro cents


Dubai Museum

The imposing Al-Fahidi Fort was built in 1799 in the centre of old Dubai. With its mighty walls, comprised of a mixture of clay, lime and shells, it served to protect the harbour. Careful renovations in the 1970s by Sheik Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum restored it to its former glory.
The present museum was opened in 1995. At the entrance of the fort, you can admire a mighty teakwood gate and two cannons. Inside the museum, you can see historic boats and wind towers. The museum's extensive weapons collection includes combat shields made of shark fins and the small long-handled axes of Shihuh tribe from the Emirate of Ras al-Khaimah.
In the basement of the Dubai Museum you can get a glimpse into people's everyday lives through a variety of themed areas. For example, in the Koran school various scenes are depicted by life-size figures. The desert is recreated with a sandy floor, campfire and Bedouins in traditional dress. The theme of the sea is represented by a dhow, the traditional boat of Dubai. Another focus here is pearl fishery.