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Dubai – between Souks and skyscrapers, beaches and ski slopes

Sensational hotels with stunning architecture, giant shopping centres and oriental markets, also known as Souks, await you in Dubai. The largest city in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) has become a popular destination for city breaks. With its location on the Persian Gulf and the magnificent sandy beaches of Jumeirah, it offers the perfect mix of sightseeing and a beach holiday. Due to the desert climate, it is best to visit between October and April. Only a six-hour flight away, Dubai is also perfect for mini-breaks.

There are plenty of reasons to take a holiday in Dubai. A wide range of luxury hotels are available at affordable prices. Premium airlines offer daily connections from various German airports. There is a huge array of leisure activities to enjoy, from a desert tour to hot air balloon rides, as well as skiing on the indoor ski slopes of the Mall of the Emirates. Many guidebooks also mention Pier 7 in the Dubai Marina, which encapsulates the Dubai lifestyle with its high-quality gastronomy. Palm Jumeirah, the manmade island in the shape of a giant palm tree, will undoubtedly be one of the highlights on your trip to Dubai.
Explore the historic Bastakiya district together with a city guide. With its oriental flair, it offers an effective contrast to the modern Dubai. The souks with their narrow streets are easy to visit as part of a guided tour. Shining precious metal in the gold souk, the aromas of the Orient in the spice souk and the riches of the sea in the fish market make this tour an unforgettable experience. A romantic ride with a typical Dhow – a handmade sailing boat – on the estuary known as Dubai Creek is also an unforgettable experience. The Creek runs right through Dubai and separates the districts of Bur Dubai and Deira.